Upcoming Events

                                             Two IRMA events that you won’t want to miss!!

Charlie Wiggins is considered one of the best African American drivers of his or any era. He won the famed Gold and Glory Sweepstakes four times, and many of the top AAA drivers of that time considered him an equal with them when it came to talent. Unfortunately, because of the climate of that time, Charlie couldn’t race with them.

This Saturday, June 23, IRMA will unveil a marker honoring Charlie in his hometown of Evansville, Indiana.

The event is scheduled for 10 AM CST (Evansville time), 11am EST. It will be held at the Evansville African-American Museum, 579 S. Garvin Street, 47713 (corner of Garvin and Lincoln Avenue)

Another great IRMA event and we look forward to meeting race fans and history buffs from the southern part of the Hoosier state!


This event has been rescheduled to Sunday June 24, 2918. The original was postponed due to inclement weather.




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