Car insurance for convicted drivers – How speeding fines can affect your insurance price

Getting a speeding fine in the post can be a frustrating experience; you’ll most likely have to pay a sizeable fine (depending on who you ask), receive points on your licence and attend a speed awareness course paid for by yourself. Months later, you’ll go to renew your Car insurance only to find out that it’s gone up, due to your speeding fines. You might not be a boy racer or have even been racing around yet you’re now being treated like one due to one or two indiscretions. Most speeding fines won’t force you to go to a Convicted Driver insurance company for a quote, but if you have been racing around you may find yourself needing one in the future.

Motorway Speeding

Every day there are cars racing up and down Britain’s motorways, full of drivers late for an appointment or just simply bored of the journey and hoping to get to their destination quicker. With the insane speeds cars can reach these days many drivers get clocked going ridiculous speeds, and sometimes it can be the type of speed that only a track racer should be reaching. Unsurprisingly, when these types of drivers are caught they often receive hefty penalties, which can include driving bans. If you do receive a driving ban there’s no doubt you’ll need to go through a Convicted Driver insurance company once the ban has been lifted.

Boy Racer Speeding

Once the sun sets, certain stretches of Britain’s highways become makeshift racing tracks and drag strips imitating famous film franchises, and with budget cuts they are now becoming increasingly common as the Police face an ongoing struggle to control British roads. However, every so often there’s a crackdown and the racers find themselves with significant convictions and not just for speeding. Some may even receive custodial sentences, and any driver who has served a custodial sentence will know you’ll need to get a Convicted Driver insurance policy. Due to the blatant and purposeful disregard to motoring law, anyone caught racing their car should expect an array of motoring law convictions including but not limited to speeding fines.

Speeding Around Town

Most drivers in the United Kingdom and Great Britain and Northern Ireland, including Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories, will have been passed by a car that’s racing past several other motorists acting like the road is their own personal racetrack. Whether they are inpatient, or hold grand dreams of being a car racer, they not only break speed limits but their racer behaviour will be showing disregard for other aspects of motoring law, such as dangerous driving or reckless driving, and if caught, they could be sentenced for several motoring convictions, most likely receiving over six points and some fines as well as driving convictions. Typically, having over six points on your licence can make it quite difficult to get a reasonable standard Car insurance quote, making Convicted Driver insurance a necessity.

Totting Up

A lot of drivers who have received multiple speeding fines often find themselves in the situation where they have accumulated a number of points over a period of time, and this is known in motoring law as totting up and, in many cases, it can mean a ban for some drivers. They may not have necessarily been driving their car like a boy racer or racing around town, it could simply be one stretch of a motorway has caught them speeding multiple times. Just because you’ve been handed fines for exceeding the speed limit multiple times, it doesn’t mean totting up isn’t seen in the same league as other motoring law convictions, and you’ll still be a driver who needs Convicted Driver insurance.


After being caught speeding it can be hard to stomach the fact that you may have go to an alternative Car insurance provider, such as a Convicted Driver insurer, but this isn’t the case for everyone who has been caught after exceeding the speed limit. Whilst your insurance may rise, you will only have a real use for Convicted Driver insurance policy if you have been convicted of a serious speeding offence, or if you didn’t learn your lesson from the first minor speeding fine and have accumulated several speeding fines, thus earning yourself a Totting up driving code. If you have been banned from driving then you will definitely need Convicted Driver insurance.